St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Spiritual Services

You are encouraged and will be assisted to continue participating in the church of your choice.  Clergy from the community make regular visits to their members at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER and can be called if you wish. 

SHEYENNE CARE CENTER has a employed chaplain who conducts interdenominational services twice a week as well as provides individual support and counsel.  Various clergy from the community also come to the CARE CENTER and conduct services at our chapel.  The chapel is also the site of a weekly Catholic mass on Fridays.

As a faith-based facility and with respect to all religious cultures, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER recognizes the grieving process of families and relatives during an end of life period.  We offer staff the opportunity to pray with residents during this time.  If families are present, permission will be obtained and a open invitation to family members will be made to join them in prayer.

If residents and families need to consult with our chaplain about ethical issues, please contact the nurse who will refer the chaplain to visit with you immediately. 

Our staff recognizes that every person’s individual spiritual needs and concerns are very different and we wish to respect that while trying to assist you.

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