St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Services Offered

  • Thielges Therapy Inc – an in-house comprehensive rehabilitation program, including Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy in a home like environment.
  • Special Care Unit - is a long-term care service in conjunction with the North Dakota State Hospital.  This unit provides services in a safe and secured environment for individuals with mental illnesses.
  • Alzheimer’s Unit – The Circle of Life Cottage meets the needs of individuals with dementia and/or Alzheimer disease.  This service is provided in a new small unit that focuses on the individual and their personal needs.
  • Lifeline - An in-home monitoring system which provides security to individuals and families by alerting a response center when an individual needs emergency assistance.


Thielges Therapy Inc.

SHEYENNE CARE CENTER a Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facility offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation services, including Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy, and Massage Therapy, are provided as prescribed by the attending physician. Also, a group of restorative aides work in cooperation with the Therapist in ambulation and range of motion.

All residents are screened by a licensed therapist upon admission and quarterly thereafter. If any changes in functional abilities are noted, a referral to rehab is made.

Rehab residents are assisted in their goals for recovery in a home-like environment by a team of caring and highly qualified rehabilitation professionals. Following an evaluation of a resident’s functional abilities, an individualized rehabilitation program is developed. The treatment program will address areas related to the resident’s mobility, performance of activities of daily living, communication skills, and swallowing function.

Residents in our facility represent a wide variety of diagnoses including:

  • Stroke or aneurysm
  • Orthopedic impairment
  • Cardiopulmonary dysfunction
  • Neurological disorder
  • Decubitis ulcer/wound care
  • Chronic pain
  • Other general medical problems

Special Care Unit

The SCC unit will provide high quality, long-term geriatric psychiatry services to citizens of North Dakota in conjunction with North Dakota State Hospital.  The unit at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER will focus on longer term, difficult to place residents who will be located in a safe and secured environment.  Support services will be provided by programs South Central Human Services and the North Dakota State Hospital. 

Over the past eight years SHEYENNE CARE CENTER has successfully supported and serviced individuals with mental illness and has become a referral program of choice in North Dakota for geriatric mental health patients residing in acute care hospitals or long-term care facilities.

Circle of Life Cottage

The Circle of Life Cottage was developed in May of 2006.  The Cottage is a 18 bed unit which was created to meet the needs of an individual with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  The services we provide to the residents living in the Cottage are the same services we provide to everyone living at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.  This unit is a smaller environment more conducive to their needs which reduces noise levels.

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Circle of Life Cottage
Circle of Life Cottage
Circle of Life Cottage
Circle of Life Cottage
Circle of Life Cottage
Circle of Life Cottage


Lifeline of Barnes County allows individuals to maintain their independents by utilizing an in-home monitoring system. This unit provides security to individuals and families by alerting a response center when an individual needs emergency assistance. 

LIFELINE of Barnes County was organized in 1983. At that time a group of individuals started fund-raising to purchase LIFELINE equipment. The first LIFELINE was installed on December 14, 1983. The first year there were 23 units in operation. The program expanded throughout the areas of in Barnes County, Cass County, and Stutman County with 72 units in the area. As of now, we have LIFELINE units are utilized in Valley City, Buffalo, Dazey, Eckelson, Fingal, LaMoure, Litchville, Marion, Sanborn, Wimbledon, and Tower City. It’s safe to say that at any given time we touch people in five counties. We take referrals from Families, Doctors, Case Workers, Home Health Agencies, Etc. with clients ranging in age from 32 to 96. This service has also provided assistants to new born babies with medical conditions.

The program started out being run with donations from individuals and organization. These funds were used to purchase new equipment and paying the bills incurred with running the program. In the mid 90’s we saw a need to replace the original 56 units as they could no longer be repaired and the need to grow the program as the request for units far out weighed what we had available. With this information in front of us we called the original group that started the program together to discuss the possibility of charging for this service. They saw no problem with this as long as we didn’t deny anyone service. They also decided to put the program solely in the hands of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER to run as we saw fit.


Cost of utilizing the Lifeline services.

Installation: $32.00

Monthly Fee of: $26.00

Here's how it works--you wear a personal help button around your neck, wrist, or clipped to your clothing. If you need help anytime during the day or night, you just press the help button and this activates your home unit. The home unit, in turn, sends a message to the Emergency Response Center, which is located at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER. LIFELINE can operate for several hours on a back-up battery during a power outage.

When the signal for help is received, a staff member at the CARE CENTER will attempt to call the LIFELINE subscriber to see what help is needed. If they are unable to reach you by telephone, they will call one of your "Responders" to go to your home and check on you. A Responder is a friend, neighbor or relative that has been chosen by you and has access to your home. Each subscriber chooses three or four Responders that can be called in an emergency. When the Responder arrives at your home, he should press the Reset button on the LIFELINE unit to signal the Emergency Response Center that help has arrived. They will then call to see what help is needed and call an ambulance if one is needed.

Each unit has a timer and if you become unconscious or otherwise unable to reset the timer, LIFELINE automatically calls and starts the emergency response procedure for you.

Most subscribers can call for assistance from anywhere in their home or yard. There is a large, illuminated keypad and hands-free speakerphone as well as many other features.

Lifeline allows you to be independent and yet give your family the security of knowing that you can get help so easily, if needed.

Cindy Schwehr