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Residents Rights & Responsibilities


On behalf of the entire SHEYENNE CARE CENTER family, we would like to welcome you!  It is our sincere hope that the services and programs offered by SHEYENNE CARE CENTER will meet your needs and expectations.

You will find that the staff of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER will work very hard to provide an environment that is warm and caring for you.

We look forward to serving you!

Residents Rights

The rights of every resident are very important to SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff and will be carefully observed.

When you enter a long-term care facility, you do not give up the legal rights you had while living in the community.  State and federal law guarantee you additional rights and responsibilities to assure the care you receive promotes your quality of life with emphasis placed on dignity, choice, and self-determination.

Written copies of Residents Rights are given to you or your designated representative when you move in.  Your neighborhood planner will review these rights with you in the first month that you are at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.  They will also be reviewed with you at least annually or as any changes take place.

If at any time, you or your family have questions regarding your rights and responsibilities, please talk with your neighborhood planner or Social Services.  At any time you feel any of your rights have been violated you are encouraged to report that to the administration of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.  All violations will be investigated.

It is the policy of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER not to employ people who are known to mistreat residents.


Your satisfaction is very important to us!  If you have a complaint or concern, feel free to talk with a SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff member with whom you feel comfortable.  You may also write your concerns in a letter.  Please let us know of any concerns or incidents of suspicious injuries, abuse, neglect, misappropriations of personal property, and/or criminal allegations.  Our goal is to provide resolutions to your problems quickly and to your satisfaction.

Complaints/Concerns may be brought without fear of retaliation and are looked at as an opportunity to improve.  We would suggest the following guidelines to resolving your concerns:

Informal discussion between those people directly involved.

Bring the concern to the attention of any staff member who can help review the problem and act as your advocate.

If action has not been taken which you feel is satisfactory within a week’s time, contact Social Services or the Nursing Service Coordinator for further intervention.

If you feel further action is necessary you can contact the Administrator.

If you still have not resolved your concern, you can contact the:

                             Aging Services Division
                             1237 West Divide Avenue, Ste 6
                             Bismarck, ND  58501
                             Phone: (701) 328-4601 or 1-855-462-5465
                             Fax:  (701) 328-8744
                             State Capital - Judicial Wing - 2nd floor
                             600 E. Blvd Ave
                             Dept. 301
                             Bismarck, ND  58505-0200

Neighborhood Meetings

You are encouraged to become involved and attend Neighborhood Meetings. The purpose of the meetings is as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity for regular discussion of matters of interest and concern to fellow residents;
  • To promote friendship and foster understanding among residents and staff;
  • To work for the common good of residents, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER and the community.
  • The monthly neighborhood meetings include time also for socialization and getting to know others.

We urge you to become involved in shaping the quality of your life here at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER by being active in these meetings.

Clothing and Personal Possessions


Each room is furnished with a bed, dresser, and night stand.  Overcrowding of the room can create hazards, but you are encouraged to bring as many of your own possessions as you wish and your space permits.

You may wish to replace existing furnishings with favorite chairs, lamps and so forth.  You should feel free to furnish your room with clocks, calendars and personal photos, television and radio.  It is important that all of your personal items be marked in such a way that they would be able to be identified as yours should they become misplaced.

If you need help with any accommodations, please talk with your neighborhood planner or housekeeper.

All electrical appliances and products should be inspected for frayed or cracked wiring, bad plugs, loose connections and so forth before use.


You must furnish your own clothing.  Bring those items that you normally would wear on a daily basis.  Due to physical limitations and disabilities you may need clothing that is adapted to those limitations.  Contact your neighborhood planner if you are interested in more information on adapted clothing.

All clothing will be marked with labels provided by SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.  Laundry staff will be responsible for getting your personal items marked.  Please be sure to notify any staff member when clothing is brought in at any times so it can be marked.  Items such as radios, razors, afghans and so forth should also be marked.  If you need help please ask any staff member.

Washers and dryers are available on each floor for your use.  If you prefer to do your own laundry, or have a family member do it, these washers and dryers are available to you at no charge.

Clothing which must be dry cleaned can be taken to the cleaners and also picked up.  The cost for this will be billed to you from the dry cleaner.  Please label your clothes that are “dry clean only”.

Loss, Damage, Breakage

SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff makes every effort to prevent loss, breakage or damage of your personal possessions.  If the facility was the cause of damaging something when providing care or cleaning, we will adjust the loss.  However, we do not replace items that are damaged through unknown circumstances or items that are lost or misplaced for which we have no responsibility.  Please attempt to protect eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aides and other personal items by having them marked.

You are discouraged from keeping large amounts of cash or other possessions of great value to you in your room unprotected.  If you have items you would like to safeguard, please contact the nurse or Social Services.

In order to help protect your personal belongings such as televisions, jewelry, etc. staff will help you complete a Personal Belonging Inventory Record.  This inventory will be kept on your clinical record to better identify your valuable belongings that you have with you.

If you have lost or damaged items, please report it to a staff member you trust.  A report will be filled out describing what is missing and when it was last seen.  All reports will be investigated and attempts made to find your missing item.

Hair Care

Routine hair care will be provided to you at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER as part of your daily rate.  Routine hair care means any shampooing, cutting, trimming, shaving, brushing, combing, drying, curling, setting or grooming provided by facility staff.  Non-routine hair care (i.e. permanent or hair coloring) can only be provided by a licensed hair dresser.

Professional beautician and barber services are also available to you at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.  If you wish to have this service rather than hair care provided by SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff, an appointment can be made through your neighborhood planner or caregiver.  You will then be responsible for the additional costs associated with these services.

Charges from the beautician will be billed to you.  These charges may be paid from your personal account or you may pay the beautician directly.  Charges are posted in the beauty shop area.

Personal Mail

Your mail is delivered to your room on regular mail delivery days.  If you have outgoing mail it can be taken to the business office for stamping and mailing.  Stamps are available for you to purchase at the business office or off the shopping cart.

If you are in need of stationery, envelopes or assistance with reading or writing mail, contact your neighborhood planner who will assist you.

If you would like your business mail forwarded to someone else please notify the business office.  Also notify your post office of your new address.  Change of address cards are available in the business office.


If you wish to receive your own newspaper, you should make arrangements with the newspaper office directly to receive it.  If you need assistance with this, contact your neighborhood planner.  Payment should be arranged directly with the newspaper office.

There is a Fargo Forum and Times Record delivered daily to each floor which is available for everyone to read, courtesy of the SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.


Provisions have been made in each room for antenna hook ups for your television if you choose to bring one.  All floors have capabilities of getting Cable Services.  If you need assistance with hook up, talk with any staff person. 


Arrangements may be made to have a telephone installed in your room.  You must place your order through Social Services who will make the necessary arrangements for you.  You will be billed for the monthly charges and installation directly from the phone company.

If you wish to transfer to a different room within the facility, maintenance personnel will do the in-house transferring at no extra charge.  Any repair service needed for your phone, in which the telephone company needs to come to the Care Center, would be billed to you. 

There are phones available for your use on each floor.


Fire protection is a constant concern.  Smoking is not allowed in your room. On July 1, 2004, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER became a smoke free facility.  This means the residents will not be permitted to smoke on the premises.  All efforts will be made to assist residents in adjusting to the smoke free facility.  


You may have visitors at any hour that is acceptable to you.  The main door is locked at 9:00 p.m.  However, admittance may be gained by ringing the bell in the foyer and identifying yourself to the staff.

If you would like a more private spot to visit or host a gathering or party, please contact your neighborhood planner who will assist you with arrangements. 

You are welcomed and encouraged to invite guests to join you for meals.  Each guest meal costs $5.00; unless the guest is a spouse or a parent, then the charge is $3.00 per meal.  You or your guests are asked to contact the nursing staff before the meal to make arrangements so the dietary staff may prepare for your guest.


The staff at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER believes that every resident has the right to be free of any physical restraint or psychoactive drug, administered for the purpose of discipline or convenience and this is not required to treat your medical symptoms.

Physical restraints are defined as any article, device or garment that is used primarily to modify behavior by interfering with free movement.

The use of restraints can increase the incidence of contractures, lead to infections and development of pressure sores.  In addition, some people suffer from confusion, agitation and incontinence while restrained.

The use of restraints undermines a major goal we have which is to maximize independence, functional capacity and quality of life.

An individual’s needs and environmental conditions will be carefully assessed before restraints are considered.  The resident, family, doctor, nurse, social worker, and caregiver must all become involved in determining alternatives to restraints.

We believe that physical and chemical restraints should be utilized only after careful assessment of the resident’s total condition and strengths and only after other alternatives have been exhausted.

Advanced Directives

In delivering care, it is the philosophy of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER to preserve the comfort, hygiene and dignity of each individual.  As a competent adult, you have the right to control decisions about your health care.  You have the right to make voluntary, informed choices to accept or to refuse treatment, service, and procedures used to diagnose, treat or care for your physical or mental condition.  You can expect that your health care providers will provide you with information which will help you understand the benefits, risks, burdens and alternatives with any course of treatment or care so you may make an informed choice regarding your health.

We encourage you to discuss these issues with your doctor, your family and others before a crisis arises.

There may come a time when, due to your mental or physical condition, that you may be unable to make your own health care decisions.  Your health care providers will then look to any prior written advance directives, legal agent or family members to make decisions on your behalf.  A determination that you are unable to make your own health care decisions must be made by a doctor.

It is the policy of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER to accept and follow the instructions you have given regarding your health care, through your Advanced Directives, in accordance with North Dakota law.

Uniform Code Level Directives

At the time of your admission, your wishes regarding resuscitation will be reviewed with you and your doctor’s order regarding your wishes placed in your medical chart.  These wishes become a permanent part of your record and will be shared with any other healthcare facility you may transfer to.

Living Wills

A living will permits you to decide whether you want life prolonging treatment started or continued if you are unable to communicate your wishes to your doctor or health care providers.

A living will becomes effective only when you give your doctor a copy, when you are terminally ill and death is imminent, and when you are unable to make or communicate your health care decisions.  Your decision to complete a living will is personal and should be based upon your individual values and beliefs.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

It is also helpful for you to appoint an individual who can act on your behalf if you are not able to make decisions at the time a medical crisis occurs.

A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is a very effective tool to use.  A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is a legal document that permits you to appoint someone else to act on your behalf to make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated.  The person you designate to act as your representative is called your agent.

A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care only becomes effective when you are unable to make or communicate your health care decisions.

The words “for Health Care” distinguish a special durable power of attorney for health care decisions from other durable powers of attorney used to permit agents to conduct your business affairs.

If you have questions on Advanced Directives, please visit with your social worker and they can provide you with additional information.

Transfer and Discharge

Whether to be transferred to the hospital or not is a joint decision between you, your family, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff and your doctor.  If it is decided it is necessary for you to be hospitalized, a doctor’s order is required.  (See also Room Hold on pages 3-4)

There may be times when you would request a transfer to another room.  You should talk with your nurse, social worker, or caregiver if you want another room.  As rooms become available you will then be given the opportunity to accept or reject that room.

SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff will work with you on your discharge plans and assist you as needed.  Before discharge, your doctor will be contacted for an order for discharge, appropriate services and medications.

If you are planning to leave, please talk with your nurse or the social worker early on, this way they can assist you in a smooth transfer.

You have the right to know if you are going to be transferred or discharged from the facility and to receive a written notice (See Resident Rights Handbook)

You may be discharged for the following reasons only:

  • your doctor documents your medical needs cannot be met by the facility or that your health has improved so you no longer need the facility’s services;
  • your health or safety, or the health or safety of other residents is endangered;
  • non-payment of your bill; which could involve Medicare or Medicaid denying your claim and your refusing to pay for your stay; or
  • the facility closes.


This Facility Is:

979 N. Central Avenue
Valley City, ND  58072

Legal Aid of North Dakota:  Fargo Office (701) 232-4495

North Dakota Protection and Advocacy Network: 1-800-474-2670

North Dakota Long Term Care Ombudsman: 1-800-451-8693