St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Medical Services

While you are a resident at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, you must remain under the medical care of a doctor.  All of your medications, your diet, treatments and level of activity are provided to you according to your doctor’s orders and with your input and involvement.  If you are not in agreement with or question any part of your care, you should talk with your nurse, the social worker or doctor.

Not all the doctors from the area clinics visit the CARE CENTER.  Your nurse or social worker can explain which doctors do make visits here. 

Whenever you become ill or need to consult with your doctor, your nurse can assist with that contact.  Your doctor will bill you for services directly.

Pain Management is an important aspect of the SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.   While you are a resident at the CARE CENTER you have the right to be assessed and treated promptly to assure the highest level of pain relief possible.   If you do not feel your pain is being addressed appropriately, the nurse will assist you for further evaluation.   If the nurse does not meet your needs, please take your concerns to the Nurse Manager on the floor you live.   If there continues to be problems with pain management, you should contact the Director of Nursing.   If the problem with pain management is that your primary doctor is not addressing it as you wish, the nurses here will assist you with contacting the Medical Director of the SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.   One of our goals is to promote and provide comfort to all of our residents.  

Medical Appointments

When you have an appointment with your doctor at the clinic, it is best for you if have a member of your family or a friend accompany you.  They are able to offer you support and assist you with decision making, if needed.

If you need someone to go to the clinic with you, your nurse or social worker will arrange an escort and transportation. SHEYENNE CARE CENTER utilizes the local senior bus services for transportation needs.

When you go to your appointment, you will be requested to take a form with you, which provides the doctor information on your current medications, treatments, etc.  We request that the doctor return this form with you so new orders can be followed up at the CARE CENTER.  This is an important way of communicating with your doctor and we ask that when you return that you share the information with your nurse.

Dental Services

You are encouraged to maintain regular visits to your dentist.  Your nurse or neighborhood planner can assist you with making these appointments if you wish.

Pharmacy Services

Medications are given only by a doctor’s prescription and are obtained from a pharmacy of your choice that is willing to provide your medication required.

All medications are stored in a locked room near the staff work station.  Your nurse will assist you with your medication needs.

If you are able and prefer, you may administer your own medication.  Your nurse will assist you with setting up a self-administration program.

A monthly review of all your medications is done by our consultant pharmacist.

Rehabilitative Services

To help you attain and maintain your highest level of physical functioning, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER works with qualified physical, occupational and speech therapists.

You are evaluated for muscle strength, walking, positioning, arm and shoulder function, dressing and eating skills.  After this evaluation, a program is developed for you according to your need and your doctor’s prescription.

Family involvement is important in developing and supporting an appropriate program.  Family members are not only welcome but encouraged to observe treatment and ask questions if you wish.

Evaluations for speech therapy are prescribed by your doctor as indicated.

For those people who do not require a direct therapy program, you will receive an opportunity for exercise on a daily basis with SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff.