St. Aloisius Medical Center
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In 1917, this building was the beginning of providing services to the poor county farmers and the elderly of Valley City and the surrounding area.  The building was later acquired by the Good Samaritan Society as a charity house and was sold to the Lutheran Hospital and Homes Society in 1938. The house occupied 37 residents during its time and the residents were later transferred to the Sheyenne nursing home in 1964.  This building was later burnt down by the Valley City Fire Department as a fire drill.

The history of Sheyenne Care Center goes back to 1938, whereby leaders of this community established what was known as the Sheyenne Hospital Association. Their effort of building a new hospital was stopped in 1952 by the members of the Association, who voted to move in a different direction. Their idea and support turned to developing and building a specialized institution exclusively for the treatment of the chronically ill. 1

The idea for a chronically ill hospital was very popular in the Midwest at this time. Lutheran Hospital and Homes Society expressed their interest in the project and agreed to work with the Association in securing additional financing and insuring participation by the federal government.

On March 1, 1955, at a total cost of $750,000 Sheyenne Memorial Hospital for the Chronically Ill opened it's doors for service. Lutheran Hospital and Homes Society along with the community opened the first hospital of it's kind in North Dakota.

2The Sheyenne Manor for senior citizens had it's official beginning in 1959 when a group of concerned citizens gathered to discuss the   area's urgent need for an adequate home for the senior citizens.

The original plans for the manor under the guidance of Lutheran Hospital and Homes called for a 60-bed facility. This building project through achieving the goals of a major capital campaign and other financing was launched in May of 1960.

The Sheyenne Manor was unique in it's connection with the Sheyenne Memorial Hospital, making available medical facilities for residents at all times. The Sheyenne Manor opened it's 80-bed facility on December 14, 1962. The changes in the state's hospital referrals of patients were starting to have an affect on the Sheyenne Memorial Hospital for the Chronically Ill. The vision of two hospitals in Valley City was starting to take on new changes and the focus was turning toward caring for our seniors.

In July of 1969, Sheyenne Memorial Hospital and Mercy Hospital entered into an agreement identifying that Sheyenne Memorial Hospital would provide skilled nursing care and that Mercy Hospital would provide the acute and rehabilitation care. As a result of this agreement, the Sheyenne Memorial Hospital became the Sheyenne Memorial Nursing Home.

In January of 1972, the facility received a grant to remodel, which resulted in the addition of 18 beds and the addition of the South wings. Remodeling occurred again in 1982 which renovated the laundry, dietary, chapel area and added a new elevator.

A landmark year was 1983 when the skilled and intermediate care facility united and changed the name to Sheyenne Care Center.

Sheyenne Care Center started it's largest renovation and construction project in 1988. This project started with the addition of the new front entrance on Central Avenue and the addition of a three-story building. The construction-remodeling project totaled over $3 million dollars, which added larger resident rooms, new commons area, multi-purpose rooms, and remodeling on the Sheyenne Manor building. The facility still remains a 170-bed skilled nursing facility with 240 employees working together to benefit the residents that live at Sheyenne Care Center.


On April 18, 2002, Sheyenne Care Center became owned and operated by the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation Health System. We are proud to be participating in the mission of the Sisters of Mary Presentation Health System to the benefit of our residents, families and staff.