St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Business Information

The Business Office is on the main floor of SHEYENNE CARE CENTER and is open five days a week (Monday - Friday) to serve you.  They also welcome and direct visitors and staff and receive incoming business phone calls.  The staff is available to provide information and services to you and your family members on a wide variety of financial matters.

The business office is responsible for the billing of services from SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.  If you have any questions concerning your bill or benefits, contact the Business Office and they will assist you.

They are equipped with limited postal service and can assist you with some banking functions.

Other services include a safe for short-term use and notary public service.

Personal Accounts

If you choose, you may open a Personal Account in the business office to safely keep your personal funds at no extra charge.  You can take money from that fund at any time the business office is open.  You will receive a statement four times a year, which shows your balance and the deposits and withdrawals you have made.  The funds you deposit in the Personal Account are insured by a $1 million Surety bond.

Your money is kept separately from facility funds and any of your funds in excess of $50.00 will be deposited in an interest bearing account.  Interest earned will be credited to your account.

Arrangements and questions are handled by the business office staff or you may contact social services.

Upon death or discharge from SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, we will refund any remaining funds along with a final accounting statement.  This will be sent to you, your legal representative or to the individual administering your estate within 30 days of discharge.

Room Charges

Charges for your room are made in advance and are payable monthly.  If you leave, you will receive a refund of any unused portion of the advance payment.  If you are covered by Medicare A while at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, you will not be billed in advance while receiving this coverage.  If you receive Medicare A coverage during your stay at SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, it will cover your daily room charge, medications, lab and X-ray services.  If you have questions about specific Medicare coverage, please contact the Business Office.

Your daily charge covers the cost of nursing service, room and meals, laundry, housekeeping, supportive services, and general supplies.

Extra charges can include the following:

Prescription Medications (non-routine) - billed from your pharmacy
Professional Hair Care (non-routine) - billed by the beautician/barber through the SHEYENNE CARE CENTER’s business office.  Non-routine hair care includes permanents, coloring or other service you request and prefer to have done by a beautician or barber.
Telephone - billed from Qwest
Cable Television Service - billed by SHEYENNE CARE CENTER
Long Distance Phone Calls - billed on SHEYENNE CARE CENTER’s phones
Physician/Lab/X-ray Services - billed from provider
Transportation - for personal use
Therapy Charges - 20% not covered by Medicare B, Medicaid, or other provider

SHEYENNE CARE CENTER is certified by Medicare and Medicaid.  If you have any questions regarding claims, qualification or other insurance policies, please contact the business office staff.

Case Mix Reimbursement

To determine the rate you pay each day, a review of the care you need is done when you are admitted to SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.   That information is then sent to the State Department of Human Services.  They make the decision which classification and rate applies to your care needs.

These reviews are done within 14 days of your admission to SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, and then every three months after that.  A review will also be done within 14 days after a hospital stay and then again 3 months after that.

At any time a review is done, your classification may change as your care needs have changed.  If you have questions regarding the case mix, your rate classification, or you wish to appeal a decision, contact the business office staff.

Room Hold

After admission to SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, you may request that your room be reserved during a hospitalization or any other overnight stay away from the facility. Full payment must be made for the room at the facility’s reduced physical functioning case mix rate for the first 15 days of hospitalization or the first 24 days of therapeutic leave.  For days exceeding those limits or if they occur immediately after a Medicare benefit period, the rate will be at your current classification. 

Medicare does not pay for any room hold days if you are gone overnight from SHEYENNE CARE CENTER, for any reason.  Medicaid will pay for 15 days for each hospitalization and 24 days per year for therapeutic leave, unless you are currently on Medicare coverage, at which time Medicaid will not pay anything.  If you are on Medicaid and your hospital stay or therapeutic leave exceeds these bed-hold periods or if you are currently on Medicare coverage, you may pay or have someone else pay, to hold your current bed using funds other than your monthly income.  Or you can choose not to pay to hold your bed and be readmitted to the facility upon the first available semi-private room if you require the services. 

Upon hospitalization, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff will clarify with you, your desires regarding holding your room.  You will also receive a letter, “Notification of Transfer”, explaining the bed hold policy and the reason for the transfer.  If you have any questions regarding that letter, contact Social Services.

Throughout your stay in the hospital, SHEYENNE CARE CENTER staff will maintain contact with you, your family and the hospital staff to assist you with your plans.

Outings and overnight stays are encouraged.  Our staff is ready to do whatever they can to make these visits easy for you by arranging transportation, assisting with equipment, etc.  Let us know how we can help you plan.

If you will be away from SHEYENNE CARE CENTER overnight for reasons other than hospitalization, let the nurse know so the proper doctor’s orders can be obtained and medication can be sent along with you.