St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Craig Christianson, CEO

As we continue to meet our mission, we know that the things that make people happy and satisfied with their lives at home are the same things they need when they move into SHEYENNE CARE CENTER.

With a dedicated staff, we treat aging as a process, not an illness and wellness as a way of life. We honor each member of our community as an individual whose time and opinions matter.

We continue to make changes throughout our facility, which in return enhance our resident’s lives each day. From therapy services to daily activities resident’s needs are met best when all departments have a voice in the goals of the facility. This provides our residents the choices they have always been accustom to and assist them in keeping their independence. The people here find SHEYENNE CARE CENTER a place to live and grow. They find a home.

My gracious thanks go out to all who dedicate themselves in making our residents lives the best.

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